Hope Floats

Female black rhino

When I first saw the photo that became this painting I was less than impressed, truth be told. But as time went on, I kept returning to it. Every time I did, I noticed more things about it that made me want to go back and look again. From washed out & dull it became serene. A world of blended tones & colours with ghostlike impalas shimmering on the horizon.

Silhouette of a rhino. Six passengers. A gathering of feathers. Stillness riding motion.

Hint of her right eye. Two horns pushing out from a noble head. Black monoliths, side by side, slightly off the perpendicular on the planes of her face. Massive hindquarters, brute strength. Tail floating out behind her...Such a large animal. Such grace & fluidity.

I hope we can protect her & others. Keep them safe. Rhinos, elephants...from the smallest to the tallest. I call her Hope.

Hope floats....

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