A Good Hair Day

Think of it. Dusty, EXTREMELY dry, windy, scarce food AND you have a BABY! Certainly elements that make survival a challenge. If you've been lucky you have had a mud bath & a good wallow recently.

This female warthog has found water for the two of them. They have just finished having a drink & are taking a quick break before going about their day. To those of you that prefer the "pretty" or "majestic" animals of Africa, take a closer look at this mother-find the pretty bits. Dainty feet, a dancers slim ankles, shapely hips, toned legs & AWESOME hair! All with no help from a personal trainer, a gym, a flat iron, conditioner or stylist!

C'mon ladies and gentlemen, take your hats off to this great gal. After the long trek to the watering hole, even though they have stopped briefly, Mom is still highly alert-both ears cocked, one in each direction. Left hind leg is resting but ready to put hoof to ground running. And wait for it... She looks fabulous doing it! Way to go mommy.

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